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Press Repeat

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Press Repeat

It's not every LiveJournal community that will give you hand-picked songs several times a week. Started, run, and updated by ecstaticism and mannequin_heart, Press Repeat is a way for you to get your new music fix anytime you need it.

Tracks will appear during the week for you to pick up. However, you won't be able to view any reviews or download any music unless you join the community. Once joined, you can start discussions on the songs posted and be a part of LJ's newest sensation

Get ready to press repeat, because the only thing on the menu is delicious food-- FOR YOUR EARS!

Please note that while everyone is able to join pressrepeat, only the moderators can post. We are currently searching for a new reviewer, so if you have musical taste similar to ours (check the interests), then you may be able to become one in the near future. An application has been posted in the community.